Our Documents

From time to time SATVI consultants engage in presenting papers in conferences and seminars and also contribute articles / papers to journals and magazines. We also participate in industry specific international conferences as speakers apart from conducting our own seminars and workshops. Here we have listed a series of dcouments, papers and presentations on various topics (most of them targeted to educate audience about a specific technology or market or service or solution). We send the document through e-mail once the user provides sepcific information through a prescribed form.

In the near future, we are planning to provide list of articles / research papers from institutes and our partners that may be of great interest to professionals from industries.

As a service, we also undertake assignments in technical writing, reserach papers, Strategy/Marketing plans and any other relevant documents / plans in technology, product, services and business domains. Please write to us if you have any such need.

It is to be noted that some documents may not come under "free download" due to copyright laws and agreements. Such documents are available for purchase for specific price.