Animation Industry

Our entry into animation industry is due to two main reasons:
  1. Our involvement in Content and Content-related industry / technologies / solutions / applications / services and our search for rich + innovative content have lead us to the world of animation
  2. Our alliance with the right partner in the animation industry, who has high credentials in the animation industry
Our target markets in Animation industry – Films, TV, Console and Internet

Through our partner 3-D animation studio located in Chennai, India, we provide services like :
  • To Develop, Produce and Market branded Animation Content for Broadcast, IPTV and Films
  • Production of Animation Advertisements for TV and Mobile Phone
  • Development & Production of Animation movies
  • Development of Animation Games
  • Creation of Special effects through Animation

We offer the above services as an outsourced activity (project) or as production through funding or as a Joint Venture Production.

Some examples of our Animation industry credentials:
  • We have produced animation movies and we have done work for animation movies for eternal producers
  • Developed Animation Advertisements for consumer industry
  • We are in discussion in producing animation based teaching for schools
We encourage Telecom Operators, Service Providers, Content Providers, IPTV Service Providers and Value Added Service Providers to invite us for a discussion on how our animation contents/applications/services would help improve your revenues, subscriber base, competitive strategy and ROI!